» Sometimes non-sense and derisory are essential to life » Elisabeth Carli



You’re pedalling.

On a bike, an exercise bike.

At your office. Or outside.

Then you go film it.


Because of Eric, who has Parkinson’s, who was advised by the doctors to do sport in order to slow down the symptoms of his illness  – and perhaps even the illness itself – who then decided to start cycling on an exercise bike.


Then – to motivate himself – he sets a goal for himself: A world tour!

But 40.000 kilometres is a long way to ride on your own.

So he asks people who also cycle to donate kilometres to help him achieve his goal.

And it works! Several people, worldwide, give him kilometres and he moves forward, he travels…

It is this surreal and magnificent story that we want to add images to.

Simple. With humour.

Will you join in?


Eric is a prolific and uninhibited artist, a painter and an outstanding draftsman.

From this ‘world tour on an exercise bike’ he created a story, a surreal and moving diary in which he accounts and draws the imaginary stages of his adventure, in tandem with the progression of his illness.

These stages will appear on this map under the icon: pencilicon.png

Capture d’écran 2017-02-18 à 11.53.54.jpg


Bonbon vodou – us – is a french band who sings the song ‘World Tour On an Exercise Bike’ whilst telling another true story – senior executives in offices of a large company who cycle in teams to help reach the 40,000 Km goal… Pushing team-building to the extreme…

>>To find out more, click here:  www.bonbonvodou.fr